Alligators Live In The Woods?

What is Geocaching?

First Cache Ever!

This one-minute video tells you all about this world-wide treasure hunt that’s probably right in your own back yard.

Geocache Name:  Sunny’s Favorite Spot

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

Another Geocache down for Team Aissa, Woo!

My son, Jaren and I decided to go out last Sunday afternoon for a quick park and grab.  We drove a few miles to the geocache named, Sunny’s Favorite Spot  (named after the hider’s dog Sunny)  This cache was a 2/5 difficulty and 2/5 terrain.  Part of the clue was-

…when you get to the area of the cache you will see a fallen tree on the right side of the trail. The tree points to the hollow stump….

We parked in a new development and walked to an open field lined with woods.  No muggles were present. As we walked into the thick brush, he warned me to watch out for alligators since there was a lake nearby.  I didn’t know if he was trying to throw me off the trail or if he was serious.  I choose to believe him, just in case.  Every small animal I heard sounded like an razor-toothed alligator walking in the underbrush behind me.  We wandered around the path for about 20 minutes.  It was very overgrown and I wore flip flops.  Note to self:  buy all-terrain, treasure hunting shoes.

As we walked, we noticed several trees had fallen in the woods. I wonder if they made a sound when they fell?  All of the fallen trees seemed to point to stumps.  We checked them all for the cache.  No luck.  Although we were working together, we were also in competition to find the cache first.

As we walked the path careful not to step on any alligators, Jaren pointed to a stump that was about 15 feet off the path and said, “Mom, go check that one.”  So I walked up on it slowly (I get so nervous when I’m close to the cache- I think I have spider senses) and peeked around the stump. At this point my heart beats fast as I spotted the large, steel box sitting in the hollowed-out stump covered by some well-placed wood pieces used to camouflage the cache.  After the find, we spent the day debating on who found the cache: Jaren for pointing out the right stump or me for using my spider senses and physically finding it?   I think the Wonder Pets said it best when they sang, What’s gonna work? Teamwork!


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