33 Random Things On My Dreamlife List

squish, squish, squish

These are the thoughts that run through my mind on a regular basis- thought I’d share a few!

  1. Build a collapsible roller rink and take it with me when I travel- plans are in the works.
  2. Rescue and animal from an abandoned house or an abusive person- currently following a culprit in my neighborhood and plan to take action soon!
  3. Pay off someone’s house, car or debt for them.
  4. Win a trophy, ribbon or major award!
  5. Win a pie eating contest- or any non-utensil eating contest.
  6. Go to the airport, catch a flight to a random city, hop off the plane and see what happens!
  7. Warrior Dash!
  8. Swing a hammer next to Jon Bon Jovi to help build a house for Habitat For Humanity!
  9. Sing with a black gospel choir and keep in perfect rhythm as I sway.
  10. Write a song and play my guitar on YouTube.
  11. Teach a Social Media Marketing Class and a Blogging Class.
  12. Give a motivational speech to a crowded room.
  13. Accept the challenge of a Double-Dog-Dare and do it!
  14. See a ghost, a bigfoot and an alien (not all at the same time) and get an exclusive interview with each one.
  15. Dance a choreographed dance routine on stage and nail it!
  16. Take an acting class to see if I have “what it takes” to be an extra on True Blood!
  17. Make that phone call I haven’t been able to make in 25 years- before it’s too late.
  18. Climb a rock wall and ring the bell- then climb down without incident!
  19. Interview a real-life prostitute about her career choice.
  20. Do yoga in the middle of Stonehenge!
  21. Have my dinner comped because I did something awesome!
  22. Solo Karaoke to  LL Coll J’s Rock The Bells! (Yes- I know all the words)
  23. Write Eminem a letter so great that he turns in into a rap song.
  24. Get my S.C.U.B.A. certification and then come face to face with a wild dolphin and give him a hug.
  25. Feed a giraffe and have him lick my hand with his long, black tongue!
  26. Stomp a vat of grapes in a vineyard then drink the wine that I helped squish.
  27. Answer a question wrong then get slimed!
  28. Run a half-marathon with a group of amazing women.
  29. Get another turn to participate in a bikini relay race.
  30. Get a VIP pass to a sold out arena show and the after-party by the amazing new up-and-coming rap artist, John Sisco! 
  31. Open a branch of my business in my hometown Johnstown, PA because some of the best people I know live there.
  32. Create a new app- for that.
  33. Spend the night in a truly haunted place with nothing but a sleeping bag, a flashlight, some oreos and a really good friend.



16 thoughts on “33 Random Things On My Dreamlife List

  1. Mike Lyles says:

    I really want to do #6 and have friends that do that. It would be awesome.
    #9 I have done. And it’s awesome.
    #12 me too
    #23 great idea
    #32 yes! And I will do this someday!
    #33 Oreos make everything safe

    • #33 Oreos protect me from the fiercest monsters lurking in my dreams! #6 Wouldn’t be ironic, if we caught the same flight to the same place at the same time, don’t cha think?. #32 I think you’d be the one to do this first! (thanks for hanging in there)

  2. My darling, dear Jennifer, I have some news for you! I’ve nominated you for The Lovely Blog award! I know you’ve already been awarded this, but your blog is important to me, so I had to give you the award again. xoxo http://briannashappylife.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/the-lovely-blog-award/

  3. I’ve always wanted to make a list like this! You have a great list going there! 🙂

  4. Ari Speaks says:

    So this was great!! LL’s Rock The Bells??!! Love it!! I don’t know you but I want to see this! Lol. I’m also praying for your courage/will power (or whatever you need) to make that call. It’s funny. I’ve been thinking of writing something similar on my blog…wonder what my list will look like…thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Ari! Rock The Bells was the very first rap song I heard ever on my friend’s big boom box he carried around on his shoulder. I was hooked! Your blog is inspiring and I’m looking forward to your unique journey. P.S. My husband says I have to video me rapping that and post it- so I will! Just because you asked.

      • Ari Speaks says:

        Hello there! I’ve been on vacay and somehow missed your reply! I am PUMPED about this video! Thanks for your compliments on my AriSpeaks.com. I’m really enjoying it. I look forward to the video! Blessings!

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey its anthony from work yesterday i was at the front desk

    • Hey Anthony! So glad you stopped by to read my blog! Be sure to sign up for email updates and watch for our new Top Secret business we are starting. Shhhh! Writings In The Sand is also a great post you’d enjoy. Explore and share 🙂

  6. […] Nicki 911!  Thanks for the love girlfriend! And secondly, did you see #4 on my last post –  33 Random Things On My Life List ? Oh wow! I FINALLY WON A MAJOR […]

  7. Brian says:

    I think this was a great post!!

  8. clownonfire says:

    #16 – You need acting classes to be a lifeless blood sucker? I thought you only needed to be a politician?
    Le Clown

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