If You Want To Know How To Be A Perfect Mother, Ask June Cleaver.

June Cleaver was my hero ♥

There exist a special group of moms’ who are  perfectly perfect. Who effortlessly parent with grace, perfectly styled hair and a string of pearls day-in and day-out  always ready to send off the family with a hearty breakfast of meats and butter-slathered goodness-  and I know they do exist because I’ve had Aunts who were  just like June Clever. They pampered me and fed me and taught me life lessons with a smile and a cookie.   Although I admire the them and women like them, this post is not for them.

This is for the other 99% of us who worry that we’ve scarred our children in some way by the mistakes we’ve made along the way.  That they may remember too often the times we not so June’esc.  Perhaps a better title would be;  Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.  Easier said then done, I know.


Both of my kids grew up to be generous, loving souls with good hearts who adore me with all their might.  We often reminisce about stories from their childhood remembering hilarious moments that made us laugh so long our tummy’s hurt-  and the tears that came along with the hard lessons of adolescence.   My daughter once wrote in a letter, “Like mom, I would have been really, really mad if God gave me a different mom to be born from.”  I think she developed a greater appreciation of me while she was away at boot camp.

Janessa leaving for Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

So it’s like this- most everyone blames their mom for something, I know I used to.  I’ve even heard my kids say things like, “Thanks mom for giving me your ADHD!” – like I had any control over which traits they inherited from me.  But there comes a time when we must stop blaming our moms’ and start taking responsibility for the person we are today.  Either we accept ourselves or consciously make positive changes to feel better and be better.  As we grow up, two things will inevitably happen:

1. We realize that our parents were young once after all and  they’ve made mistakes but because they learned from them, were able to give us the tools to create the best versions of ourselves.

and 2. At the end of our lives, our children will cry tears of  heart-wrenching sadness and yet somehow will be able to smile through it because we taught them how to love and be loved.  So don’t sweat the small stuff because in the end, the very best memories of us will remain.



6 thoughts on “If You Want To Know How To Be A Perfect Mother, Ask June Cleaver.

  1. bargaindiva says:

    Congratulations on your grandson! You don’t look old enough to be a grandmother!

  2. Marie Marion says:

    Hey Jen…hope you are happy and enjoying life! I’m just so sure you are…Interestingly enough I guess I’m an exception…my mom was AWESOME…there’s not even one thing I blame her for…no not ONE. I miss her greatly…she passed in 1983, but her heart of love is with me each and every day!

    My own 3 beautiful children tell me often how much they love me and appreciate me as well…I am TRULY blessed!

    Now…enjoying my little grandson Oliver is just icing on my Life Cake!

    • Yes, we are loving the neighborhood. I actually had to do a quick re-write because I understand too. I had 3 great aunts who doted on me to no end and were the most loving women I knew. Cheers to the real Jun Cleaver’s of this world! 🙂

  3. Sylvia Carr says:

    Hey Jen that was awesome. You need to write more. You have a great sense of understanding life and children and how each works in the process we call life. I was touched and encouraged. Keep feeding the minds of the people. Your insight makes a difference. Love you much.

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