Motivating The Motivators

I constantly read blogs on motivation and positive thinking.  I have notebooks full of clever sayings and famous quotes.  I listen to motivational cd’s in my car and can now recite them  word-for-word and I do.  When I’m driving I make sure to turn the volume way up and roll down my windows just in case the guy beside me at the red light needs a little motivation.

So you’d think that I’d be hopping out of bed at 4 a.m. already dressed in my workout gear and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.  Yeah, you’d think that, wouldn’t you?

Each morning, I wake up and lay there thinking about why I’m not jumping out of bed to tackle the world.  The more I think, the longer I lay there.  Until sometimes, I fall back asleep only to awake way later than I wanted to. Now I’m really upset with myself.  The days are shorter now giving me less time to be awesome.

Who Motivates the Motivators?

Yesterday was different.  I did wake up early thanks to a 5:50 a.m. wake up call from my daughter, who is in Kuwait serving, asking if I was up running yet.  After her motivating abet early speech, I was up with the rest of the overachievers of the world and it felt great!  That was the best run I’ve ever had.  Not the longest or the fastest, but the best. Because someone out there cares if I do it or not.

Think You Can’t Achieve It?

6 Ways To Get Motivated!

1. Move Something!

Sing. Dance. Talk. Create. Network. Get up and get out and start connecting with people who will inspire you in the creative process of your Dreamlife. Even if you’re not living in the place of your dreams  or have the job you want now, by getting your ideas and thought out to others, you will draw more positive people into your life who have similar ideas and interests as you.

2. Find Your Passion!

To be truly motivated you must have a passion.  Weather it’s getting back in to your best shape ever or living someplace special or creating change in your community, you must be completely passionate about it.  Only the passion of your cause will get you through the tough times.  And if you should become un-motivated, it only takes a spark to reconnect to what you love and refuel the fire within.

3. Create Dreams of Grandeur!

Create a detailed goal so big that when you achieve it, it will blow your mind! Everything that was ever built or created started with a single idea.  A thought in someone’s mind. Through sharing, researching and connecting, everything manifests.  A way will be made. Your ability to achieve your Dreams is no different from any great person in history who’s ever achieved theirs.

4. Make Time!

Dedicate time every single day doing something that fuels your passion.  Something that you enjoy.  Making a call for more information, cutting out pictures, writing a list of steps you must take.  “I don’t have time.”  is the most frustrating excuse.  Those who get what then want in life make time to do the things that bring them joy.

5. Be Brave!

There are people who will tell you you’re just a dreamer that you can’t possibly do that amazing thing you want to do.  Don’t call them back.  Instead call me.

If you are interested in something, trust me, there are other people who are also interested in it.  Find those people and expand your circle. Either virtual or in your community.  There are awesome people out there who’d love to listen and help point you in the right direction. However, there are also plenty of boring people who like the safety of routine. You, however, are not a boring routine.  Call someone who encourages your passion.

6. Make Choices That Benefit You

You  may not be able to completely disconnect with a negative family member or that friend you’ve known since you rode big-wheels together at the playground.  But you always have a choice to speak up and let them know how they make you feel.

As you grow and learn about yourself, you have the choice to add new friends to your circle by connecting with groups and individuals who are awesome!  Here are some key traits to look for when choosing new friends. Positive thinkers. Inspirational.  Kind. A good sense of humor. Smiley. Attentive.

Continue to grow your circle of friends to include people who motivate you.  You may end up realizing that you were the motivator they’ve been searching for too.


4 thoughts on “Motivating The Motivators

  1. Okay. I’ve been wanting to ask you yet another question but couldn’t figure out a way to put my question into words until I read this post. If you don’t necessarily love the place you’re living or the job you have, how do you suggest staying motivated when these two things play such a huge role in your life? My job is rather deathly boring and repeatitive. It’s not too often that I have communitive interactions because of the type of job I have and my job is fulltime and often, 6 days a week. How do I keep positive, motivating thoughts in my head? I feel like every little thing bothers me at work…I’m hoping to only have another 4 months at this job but what do I do in the mean time to keep my sanity?

    • You must have a job that challenges your passions that are all ready inside of you. If you want to move, start reading job boards and applying- it’s easier if you have friends or family in the place you are looking, unless you have savings to rent an apartment and relocated already. I hope you are in a better place at your work now. Let me know!

  2. Mike Lyles says:

    Wonderful writing. #2 is so true. You got to know your passion. And it all hinges on #4 making time. Great words of advice. Loved it!

    • Thanks Mike! It’s not enough to know these things as it is to repeat them or read them daily. Self-motivation is about consistency. Your blog is a great place to find motivation for the motivators too! p.s. I’m staying tuned for your two great ideas coming soon!

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