The Road To Limitless Opportunity

I talk with people who really believe they are stuck in their job, town or dull routine- and that’s exactly why they are- because they believe they are.  And oh how easy it is to blame our situation instead of realizing our potential for change.  That’s an exciting thought right? That we can actually create our entire DreamLife.   What?!  Why didn’t someone tell me it was that easy?  They did, you just didn’t believe it.

Let me share one of the not-so-secrets to living your Dreamlife:

women said, woman listening to gossip

Do you feel like you should be doing something more? Something different with your life?  Yep, that’s because you are supposed to be doing exactly what makes you prosper the most with the talents and knowledge and personality you already have.  So when you see a sign (literally) a billboard ad, a TV commercial, a magazine article or a website that you “accidentally” click on that gives you bits of information on the very thing you’ve been wanting to do, which leads you to the next bit of information, That’s Called Opportunity.  Take it or at least see where its leading you.   Not every opportunity is perfect for you right now, but every opportunity is a lead to follow.

By shifting your conscious attention to living in the Moment, your  mind will become increasingly aware of picking out things that co-inside with what  you are searching for.  That’s your subconscious seeking answers.


In order to take that Big First Step to the next level and the next, you must recognize when an opportunity is presented to you then make a decision to take it, learn something new from it or extract information to use in your next step.

When You See It, You Know

When You See It, You Know

When I realize an opportunity is before me, I know without a doubt that it was meant for me to follow, I can feel it.

Most importantly, you must put in the work.  Reach out to someone for more information, return that phone call.  Keep looking and I promise soon you will be running toward your Dreamlife one quick step after another.

Our lives have been a series of steps since we toddled over our teddy bear trying to take our first baby steps.   Just like those first steps, you are in control of that First Big Step toward any and all things great yet to come in your beautiful life!  I’m excited for you!

Photo Credit:, googleimiages


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