4 Practical Applications For An Inspired Life

Creating the life you want should never be a chore. What is most important is feeling good, exhilarated, in-tune with what you want.  People living this way have habituated ways of feeling good because they consistently practice visualization.   By actively using these steps and focusing on the things you want out of life, more and more doors will open up to show you the way.

I often ask people, “So, what’s one thing you actually did today that got you one step further to the life you envision? ”   I want to get people thinking about their day-to-day lives and what they’re really doing with their time.  I’m going to share some more practical ways to start creating a more positive mind-set and therefore keeping you stepping in the right direction.

No News Is Good News

NewsWhile it’s important to stay up on current events, the constant negative or controversial media stories do a number on our psyche. So, for 7 days- no news.  Stay away from TV, blogs and chats about the news.  Instead, watch shows that inspire, make you feel good and think.  I enjoy learning new things so Animal Planet is a great choice for me.  Also, make reading blogs about the things you want to do or places you want to travel, part of your nightly routine.  End your days with thoughts of your Dreamlife and awake the same way.

Visualization Rules!


On a blank piece of paper, write a goal that when you reach it, will blow your mind. 

Write it so big, it almost takes up the paper. It could be something like;  Open a bakery.  Write a book.  Move to a new place. Whatever that big thing is that you want most, write it down!

A good habit is to carry a small notebook and begin  writing down everything you want in your life.  Visualization begins by reading your words.

Now hang up your big goal in a place you will see it.  I often hang my aspirations on my front door so I will see it as I leave to start my day. Doing this will get your mind turning and keep you focused on the big picture.

Invest In Post-its


Stick colorful post-its around your house with positive messages to keep those good feelings flowing.  I stick post-its inside cupboards, on my coffee pot, and on my mirror to keep me thinking in the right direction. I jot down quotes I adore such as, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” –Wayne Gretzky or things I like about myself like, “I am a beautiful soul.”

The Power of Friends & Coffee

coffeeladiesCall up your most awesome friend and invite them out for a Creative Coffee Date.  Ask them to write 5 things they adore about you and you’ll do the same for them.  When you meet, read your lists to each other over a delicious latte’.  This will get the conversation flowing with admiration and appreciation for each other.  Be sure to talk about your Big Life Dream and ask if she has any advice on how to take the next steps.  She may know someone who knows someone who could help point you to the next step.  If not, she now knows your plans and will keep and ear out for any opportunities she may come across that would help you.  –That’s networking at it’s finest.

Check-up On Yourself

A caring profession

 You are the most important element in your life.  Eliminating as much worry as possible, keeps your mind better able to focus the good stuff.

Is there something you’ve put off getting checked?  Perhaps you’ve noticed a mole that looks odd or your gynecologist visit is over-due.  Would a new pair of glasses make a big difference?

With many people uninsured or under-insured, it seems easy to put our health on the back burner. Don’t!  Keeping up with your health is truly the first step to living your best life.



Here are some great resources to keep you stepping toward optimal health.  You’re so worth it!

1) Pharmacy Care

Rite-Aid, CVS and others national chains often have free health screenings for a variety of issues during the month.  From free blood glucose readings to the common cold care.

2) Your Local Hospital

Give them a call to ask which low-cost programs and free health clinics they offer in your area.  Many hospitals have partnered with local family physicians, eye clinics and such to provide care for people who are having a tough time affording healthcare now.  You are not alone.

3) DotGov

A great resource is; Your State + Dot Gov –  Example; pennsylvania.gov.  Search health care or look around the site. You will find help with such things as where to go for immunizations, smoking cessation and more.

–>Life is about not knowing the whole journey at once. Taking the Moment and making the best of it.  These are a few real-life steps- in no particular order- to help you form positive habits that will keep you moving forward toward your authentic life.

photo credits: bbb.org, mainlyrunning.com, daphenesgreekcafe.com, dickiebros.com


10 thoughts on “4 Practical Applications For An Inspired Life

  1. Ari Speaks says:

    Good stuff Jennifer! How ya doing, there friend? Love the suggestion about “fasting” from certain kinds of media and only taking in the positive for a week! This is soooo critical!!! you are what you eat! I also really like the idea of putting encouraging notes in places you will see them: coffee pot, etc. LOVE!

    • I have been traveling too much- finally settling down in Columbus, GA. Starting to rev up blogging again. I hope you and I will meet someday at a big blogging convention or something!

  2. I love the idea of the visualisation of goals on a board… I might stick mine to the fridge… Great post… It’s amazing what we can achieve when we set intentions. I started my bucket list blog to set myself the intention of living out my dreams after losing 2 parents-it was a massive wake up call! My list is here if you want to take a look:


    Going to check out the rest of your blog now 🙂

  3. I most certainly agree! You are such an inspiring, beautiful person! Where do you ever find the perfect words in each post you make? 🙂 It’s funny that you mention networking, you know. I just recently learned all about networking in my communications class in college. Very beneficial if you know how to use it to your advantage…

    • I’ve always been a writer- the words just come from my strong desire to guide people. LinkedIn is a vital website for networking- look me up on there and start connecting with people in your area that are in a job field you’d like to join. Then ask them for a meeting just to talk about their businesses. I meet more amazing people this way!

  4. LOVED THIS! You’re quite inspirational 🙂 Happy New Year!

  5. Mike Lyles says:

    I wrote it down!!! Now I need to get to work on it!!

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