Don’t you just love when your morning alarm rings at 5a.m.! I do! The sweet sound of well, a sound instantly reminds me that I am privileged to continue my journey another day. That has to be the best part of anybody’s day, right? Yet, I still talk to people who dread their morning routine. Well, there’s the first issue. Instead of calling it your ‘morning routine’ which sounds dull and mundane, let’s call it ‘Morning Zen’ Learn to embrace your morning zen by slowing down your mind and body and enjoying the best thing about your life- YOU!


Begin your morning zen the night before by setting your alarm 2 minutes earlier each day. After just a few weeks, you’ll have added an entire 30 minutes to your day! Then vow to get the phrase, “I don’t have enough time.” out of your vocabulary for good.



The alarm rings and your mind immediately starts racing thinking of your endless to-do list; walk the dog, feed the kids, send that email. Stop! Before you even open your eyes, take three really deep, focused breathes being aware of your inhales and exhales. This exercise will keep your body and mind in a calm state.


Stretch!Stand up and do a little stretching zen. Stand tall, clasp your hands above your head and inhale, stretch to the right, exhale. Reach for the stars, inhale, stretch to the left, exhale. Ahh, that feels good.


Warm Lemon Water

When you awake, your body is the most dehydrated so before getting ready for your day, drink a big glass of warm, lemon water. The benefits are plenty. From rehydrating your lymph system to flushing toxins from your body to clearing your skin, warm lemon water is the bees knees. If you have a hard time jumping on the idea of drinking warm water, start by rehydrating your body with a glass of cool, filtered lemon water then gradually increase the temperature a little each day until it’s luke warm.



Morning smoothies are a most delicious way to fuel your cells with rich nutrients and anti-oxidants. Delicious green smoothies are fortified with nutrients that sink into every cell of your body and with endless mouth-watering recipes, you can create a different one every day.  Shakes and smoothies are a fantastic way to get the good things in your body craves and will help jump-start your good decision-making all day long.



Make a morning zen that you will continue to love. By having your morning fitness routine from a dedicated fitness guru like my friend Maralana from Maralana Go Do Be ready to go, you’ll keep your health at the forefront of your life with a little accountability from a friend.

Enjoy waking up and remember, without a fit, healthy YOU- there is no need to be concerned with the rest of your day.



Love to hear what you think!

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