Don’t you just love when your morning alarm rings at 5a.m.! I do! The sweet sound of well, a sound instantly reminds me that I am privileged to continue my journey another day. That has to be the best part of anybody’s day, right? Yet, I still talk to people who dread their morning routine. Well, there’s the first issue. Instead of calling it your ‘morning routine’ which sounds dull and mundane, let’s call it ‘Morning Zen’ Learn to embrace your morning zen by slowing down your mind and body and enjoying the best thing about your life- YOU!


Begin your morning zen the night before by setting your alarm 2 minutes earlier each day. After just a few weeks, you’ll have added an entire 30 minutes to your day! Then vow to get the phrase, “I don’t have enough time.” out of your vocabulary for good.



The alarm rings and your mind immediately starts racing thinking of your endless to-do list; walk the dog, feed the kids, send that email. Stop! Before you even open your eyes, take three really deep, focused breathes being aware of your inhales and exhales. This exercise will keep your body and mind in a calm state.


Stretch!Stand up and do a little stretching zen. Stand tall, clasp your hands above your head and inhale, stretch to the right, exhale. Reach for the stars, inhale, stretch to the left, exhale. Ahh, that feels good.


Warm Lemon Water

When you awake, your body is the most dehydrated so before getting ready for your day, drink a big glass of warm, lemon water. The benefits are plenty. From rehydrating your lymph system to flushing toxins from your body to clearing your skin, warm lemon water is the bees knees. If you have a hard time jumping on the idea of drinking warm water, start by rehydrating your body with a glass of cool, filtered lemon water then gradually increase the temperature a little each day until it’s luke warm.



Morning smoothies are a most delicious way to fuel your cells with rich nutrients and anti-oxidants. Delicious green smoothies are fortified with nutrients that sink into every cell of your body and with endless mouth-watering recipes, you can create a different one every day.  Shakes and smoothies are a fantastic way to get the good things in your body craves and will help jump-start your good decision-making all day long.



Make a morning zen that you will continue to love. By having your morning fitness routine from a dedicated fitness guru like my friend Maralana from Maralana Go Do Be ready to go, you’ll keep your health at the forefront of your life with a little accountability from a friend.

Enjoy waking up and remember, without a fit, healthy YOU- there is no need to be concerned with the rest of your day.



Create It From The Rain

What you see when you wake up and look around is there because you’ve created it by your thoughts, words, decisions, and actions- or lack thereof.  You are always creating your life. So, if you want to have everything you want and nothing you don’t- stop blaming the rain and start creating from it!

If you are living the same routine with little variation every morning, noon and night and nothing in your life is changing for the better, look inward to find what is holding you back. Is it fear of failure? Negative doubts? or Procrastination in thinking you have time yet to make the changes? Once you understand what negative thoughts and feelings are holding you back, you can begin to overpower them with the positivity to create!

This blog post –> Get Out Of My Vocabulary,  is a great way to begin being aware of negative speaking and begin thinking positively.


People and events in our lives influence us, yes.  But we also influence the people and events in our lives.

What did you do today to create what you want?

The moments of your life are fleeting!  You are not going to live forever. Read that sentence again.  Giving power to others’ negative points-of-view is a waste of your precious moments.  Instead, make that call, write down the steps to get what you really want, research how to get that better job, better home, dream vacation.  Now that’s time well spent!


It takes real guts to stop blaming other people or circumstances and start stepping forward to your Dreamlife.  What you focus on daily, becomes the building blocks of your Dreamlife.  Time is running out and when it does, you don’t get to turn the hour-glass over.

Time is running out


You don’t get to take credit for all the great things that go right in your life then blame other things/people for the yucky stuff.  It’s you who is in control of your life.  Choose Positivity Every Time.  Grasp that concept and you will have cleared the path straight to your Dreamlife.  

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The Road To Limitless Opportunity

I talk with people who really believe they are stuck in their job, town or dull routine- and that’s exactly why they are- because they believe they are.  And oh how easy it is to blame our situation instead of realizing our potential for change.  That’s an exciting thought right? That we can actually create our entire DreamLife.   What?!  Why didn’t someone tell me it was that easy?  They did, you just didn’t believe it.

Let me share one of the not-so-secrets to living your Dreamlife:

women said, woman listening to gossip

Do you feel like you should be doing something more? Something different with your life?  Yep, that’s because you are supposed to be doing exactly what makes you prosper the most with the talents and knowledge and personality you already have.  So when you see a sign (literally) a billboard ad, a TV commercial, a magazine article or a website that you “accidentally” click on that gives you bits of information on the very thing you’ve been wanting to do, which leads you to the next bit of information, That’s Called Opportunity.  Take it or at least see where its leading you.   Not every opportunity is perfect for you right now, but every opportunity is a lead to follow.

By shifting your conscious attention to living in the Moment, your  mind will become increasingly aware of picking out things that co-inside with what  you are searching for.  That’s your subconscious seeking answers.


In order to take that Big First Step to the next level and the next, you must recognize when an opportunity is presented to you then make a decision to take it, learn something new from it or extract information to use in your next step.

When You See It, You Know

When You See It, You Know

When I realize an opportunity is before me, I know without a doubt that it was meant for me to follow, I can feel it.

Most importantly, you must put in the work.  Reach out to someone for more information, return that phone call.  Keep looking and I promise soon you will be running toward your Dreamlife one quick step after another.

Our lives have been a series of steps since we toddled over our teddy bear trying to take our first baby steps.   Just like those first steps, you are in control of that First Big Step toward any and all things great yet to come in your beautiful life!  I’m excited for you!

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Get Out Of My Vocabulary!

Three Words And A Phrase

That Are Holding You Back

From Getting What You Want

As we continue along our journey, we strive to be a better person, more enlightened and well-informed so that we can make better decisions that will inevitably have positive overall effect on our lives and  this world.

People often say to me, “Jennifer, you are so positive and upbeat all the time.” Umm, no. I have moments of pure frustration hence THIS post.  But I do practice self-awareness daily.

How do you begin to change your thoughts to produce more of what you want?  By realizing negative thoughts which come out as negative words that cause negative actions.   I’m going to teach you some fun ways to always speak in the positive.  Say goodbye to these words:


To me, just is a demeaning word that makes one feel less-than something or someone.

You are just a housewife, I am a doctor.
You are just a secretary, I am your boss.
You are just a astronaut, I am a physicist.

I loathe this word and all that it implies.  You are never just something.  You are always everything you want to be!  What’s even worse, is when you use just to describe something about yourself.

I’m just not smart enough to start my own business. 



You may only use just as an an adverb or to emphasize a point: That’s just awful! (referring to worm pie) in this case, just is used to emphasize that worms do not taste very good baked in a pie.


This word is the hardest one to eliminate.  I still almost say it on occasion.  Here is a game I have created to eliminate these words:  When you start to say I ne.. STOP, THINK of what your want and START using positive action words.

NEGATIVE: I need a job today

POSITIVE:  I will email my friends to see if they know of any jobs.

NEGATIVE: I need to make more friends.

POSITIVE: I am going to join a networking group.

NEGATIVE: I need to get a haircut.

POSITIVE: Tomorrow, I will make an appointment with Bob to get a haircut.

I know this last one sounds silly because your hair will grow back and you will want to get another haircut so you’ll feel better about your appearance.  But you must eliminate the word all-together.

(Notice in my explanation, I did not use the word need. That word is gone!)


If I told you to write down everything you needed in life- not just material things, but everything and instead- instructed you to begin every sentence with I need- what would you have?  You would have created a list of lack. The things you do not have and that’s it.

Now write down the same things, except this time cross out the word need. use positive words like, I will create, I can find, I will email, I am good at making..

NEGATIVE: I need to loose weight.

POSITIVE: I will research gyms in my area tomorrow and join one.

You’ve changed your entire negative thought  process into a solution.  Instead of creating lack, you have created an abundance.  You have started the creative thought process  to get what you want.

the wisest words ever spoken by a puppet

the wisest words ever spoken by a puppet


This seemingly positive word of action is actually a lazy, negative word in disguise.  The word try is nothing more than a lazy promise. A weak link.  It is a negative word that means- don’t expect me to succeed, then you won’t be disappointedI don’t want to do it and I’m pretty sure I can’t won’t.

It’s a word used when somebody does not want to commit.  I will try to make it to the gym 3 times a week.   This is another excuse to not succeed and justify the effort, or lack thereof.

Take it!

Try To Take It


Grab a friend.  Take a $20 bill out of your pocket and hold it loosely between your fingers.  Now ask your friend to try to take the $20 out of your hand.  Do not tighten your grip.  Did he take it?  I’d bet yes.  EXACTLY!

He did not try to take the $20.  He did take the $20.  You cannot try to take it, you either will take it or you won’t.

Now take the $20  back and repeat again, “No, don’t take the $20, try to take it.”  Your friend will look puzzled- this is funny.  He will probably say that he did try to take it and succeeded.

Wrong! What he did was signal his brain to move his arm to move his hand to grasp the $20 bill and closed his fingers around it and pulled it backwards and held it in his hand.  He did all that to accomplish the task. He succeeded in the task.

What he did not do was try to take it.  Make Sense?


Say you are in sales and only took the job because you felt you had no other option.  When the boss asks you why you were last in sales this month, you have one of two choices.

1. Listen to his suggestions and put them into action and increase your sales


2. Be honest and say, “I really don’t want to work here.  I will probably quit when I find something better that I like  more than this job.  Until then, I will be lazy and sulk.” In other words, You’ll try to do better.  They both mean  the same thing.

Do not ever try to do anything again. Make the decision to make it happen and you will be blown away by how many things you are now getting done.

Don't Forget ?


How many times do we tell someone not to forget something?  and how many times DO we actually forget things we were told not to?

The reason for this is because the subconscious mind is fooled by the negative words, and ignores them.  Negative words are like a hole- there is nothing there to process.  It simply will not retain the negative.  There many books and studies on this matter.

NEGATIVE: Don’t forget to pick up milk before you come home.

but what your subconscious hears is- forget to pick up milk

(the don’t is unheard by your subconscious mind)

POSITIVE: Honey, remember to pick up milk at the store before you come home.

I have found that by eliminating negative words and substituting positive action words instead, my thought process about a particular situation begins to change, immediately and I’m better able to come up with a solution to a problem on the spot instead of dwelling on the negative.  Now you try do it.

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Motivating The Motivators

I constantly read blogs on motivation and positive thinking.  I have notebooks full of clever sayings and famous quotes.  I listen to motivational cd’s in my car and can now recite them  word-for-word and I do.  When I’m driving I make sure to turn the volume way up and roll down my windows just in case the guy beside me at the red light needs a little motivation.

So you’d think that I’d be hopping out of bed at 4 a.m. already dressed in my workout gear and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.  Yeah, you’d think that, wouldn’t you?

Each morning, I wake up and lay there thinking about why I’m not jumping out of bed to tackle the world.  The more I think, the longer I lay there.  Until sometimes, I fall back asleep only to awake way later than I wanted to. Now I’m really upset with myself.  The days are shorter now giving me less time to be awesome.

Who Motivates the Motivators?

Yesterday was different.  I did wake up early thanks to a 5:50 a.m. wake up call from my daughter, who is in Kuwait serving, asking if I was up running yet.  After her motivating abet early speech, I was up with the rest of the overachievers of the world and it felt great!  That was the best run I’ve ever had.  Not the longest or the fastest, but the best. Because someone out there cares if I do it or not.

Think You Can’t Achieve It?

6 Ways To Get Motivated!

1. Move Something!

Sing. Dance. Talk. Create. Network. Get up and get out and start connecting with people who will inspire you in the creative process of your Dreamlife. Even if you’re not living in the place of your dreams  or have the job you want now, by getting your ideas and thought out to others, you will draw more positive people into your life who have similar ideas and interests as you.

2. Find Your Passion!

To be truly motivated you must have a passion.  Weather it’s getting back in to your best shape ever or living someplace special or creating change in your community, you must be completely passionate about it.  Only the passion of your cause will get you through the tough times.  And if you should become un-motivated, it only takes a spark to reconnect to what you love and refuel the fire within.

3. Create Dreams of Grandeur!

Create a detailed goal so big that when you achieve it, it will blow your mind! Everything that was ever built or created started with a single idea.  A thought in someone’s mind. Through sharing, researching and connecting, everything manifests.  A way will be made. Your ability to achieve your Dreams is no different from any great person in history who’s ever achieved theirs.

4. Make Time!

Dedicate time every single day doing something that fuels your passion.  Something that you enjoy.  Making a call for more information, cutting out pictures, writing a list of steps you must take.  “I don’t have time.”  is the most frustrating excuse.  Those who get what then want in life make time to do the things that bring them joy.

5. Be Brave!

There are people who will tell you you’re just a dreamer that you can’t possibly do that amazing thing you want to do.  Don’t call them back.  Instead call me.

If you are interested in something, trust me, there are other people who are also interested in it.  Find those people and expand your circle. Either virtual or in your community.  There are awesome people out there who’d love to listen and help point you in the right direction. However, there are also plenty of boring people who like the safety of routine. You, however, are not a boring routine.  Call someone who encourages your passion.

6. Make Choices That Benefit You

You  may not be able to completely disconnect with a negative family member or that friend you’ve known since you rode big-wheels together at the playground.  But you always have a choice to speak up and let them know how they make you feel.

As you grow and learn about yourself, you have the choice to add new friends to your circle by connecting with groups and individuals who are awesome!  Here are some key traits to look for when choosing new friends. Positive thinkers. Inspirational.  Kind. A good sense of humor. Smiley. Attentive.

Continue to grow your circle of friends to include people who motivate you.  You may end up realizing that you were the motivator they’ve been searching for too.