One Lovely Blog Award

First let me say, I’m freaking out a bit about 2 things today. First, I am so humbled to receive my first blog award by a fantastically impressive vlogger and blogger Nicki 911!  Thanks for the love girlfriend! And secondly, did you see #4 on my last post –  33 Random Things On My Life List ? Oh wow! I FINALLY WON A MAJOR AWARD!

I know this award will inevitably link us all together in a long chain of inspiration, life musings and humor and with this nomination comes great responsibility.

1) Link back to the blogger who nominated you. (she’s an amazing vlogger too!)

2) Paste the award image on your blog. (it’s so pretty)

3) Tell 7 facts about yourself. (o-kay!)

4) Nominate other blogs that you would like to give the award. (easy peasy)

5) Contact the bloggers that you have chosen and let them know about the award. (I love delivering good news)


  1. I don’t like talking on the phone because the other person can’t see  enthusiasm, empathy or concerned faces.
  2. I embrace my ADHD – it helps with my creativity.
  3. I shamelessly promote my dreamlife moments Facebook page but for unselfish reasons.- Dreamlife Moments Facebook Page.
  4. I am not dramatic. I’m just passionate, confused, amazed or excited ALL the time!
  5. It seems I always run late.
  6. Ice cream is my weakness.
  7. I don’t like being trapped in the kitchen cooking.

And the nominees are, drum roll please!

Truth and Cake – what more could you want in a blog, really?

Really? Did That Just Happen in My Life? – twisty, hilarious writings about life and the questions you should ask yourself.

Kristen Lamb’s Blog – Kristen is a best-selling author. I followed her blog before I knew that!

White Elephant In The Room– Insightful, funny and she loves 80s music- ’nuff said.

Bucket List Publications – Lesley is the most adventurous blogger I virtually know.  Wanna jump out of a helicopter and ski?  she’s your gal!

Sweet And Weak – A guy’s thoughts about being a lone Y chromosome  in a world full of estrogen.

I have so many more amazing blogs that I love and will be highlighting them at some point. Until then, enjoy these!


33 Random Things On My Dreamlife List

squish, squish, squish

These are the thoughts that run through my mind on a regular basis- thought I’d share a few!

  1. Build a collapsible roller rink and take it with me when I travel- plans are in the works.
  2. Rescue and animal from an abandoned house or an abusive person- currently following a culprit in my neighborhood and plan to take action soon!
  3. Pay off someone’s house, car or debt for them.
  4. Win a trophy, ribbon or major award!
  5. Win a pie eating contest- or any non-utensil eating contest.
  6. Go to the airport, catch a flight to a random city, hop off the plane and see what happens!
  7. Warrior Dash!
  8. Swing a hammer next to Jon Bon Jovi to help build a house for Habitat For Humanity!
  9. Sing with a black gospel choir and keep in perfect rhythm as I sway.
  10. Write a song and play my guitar on YouTube.
  11. Teach a Social Media Marketing Class and a Blogging Class.
  12. Give a motivational speech to a crowded room.
  13. Accept the challenge of a Double-Dog-Dare and do it!
  14. See a ghost, a bigfoot and an alien (not all at the same time) and get an exclusive interview with each one.
  15. Dance a choreographed dance routine on stage and nail it!
  16. Take an acting class to see if I have “what it takes” to be an extra on True Blood!
  17. Make that phone call I haven’t been able to make in 25 years- before it’s too late.
  18. Climb a rock wall and ring the bell- then climb down without incident!
  19. Interview a real-life prostitute about her career choice.
  20. Do yoga in the middle of Stonehenge!
  21. Have my dinner comped because I did something awesome!
  22. Solo Karaoke to  LL Coll J’s Rock The Bells! (Yes- I know all the words)
  23. Write Eminem a letter so great that he turns in into a rap song.
  24. Get my S.C.U.B.A. certification and then come face to face with a wild dolphin and give him a hug.
  25. Feed a giraffe and have him lick my hand with his long, black tongue!
  26. Stomp a vat of grapes in a vineyard then drink the wine that I helped squish.
  27. Answer a question wrong then get slimed!
  28. Run a half-marathon with a group of amazing women.
  29. Get another turn to participate in a bikini relay race.
  30. Get a VIP pass to a sold out arena show and the after-party by the amazing new up-and-coming rap artist, John Sisco! 
  31. Open a branch of my business in my hometown Johnstown, PA because some of the best people I know live there.
  32. Create a new app- for that.
  33. Spend the night in a truly haunted place with nothing but a sleeping bag, a flashlight, some oreos and a really good friend.


The PMS Diaries

2012- April – Day 3

I knew today would be the worst.  I could just feel it when I woke up- like an evil clown had taken over my mind.  Smiling on the outside, evil on the inside. I tried to stay calm, happy, peaceful- but it wouldn’t let me.  I gave fair warning last week to my family so they should have made preparations for the storm.

During the midst of an argument with my husband- somewhere  between why can’t he put the toilet paper on the roll and me taking a stand against processed chicken, I noticed nobody was listening to me.  So, I did what any PMSing woman would do- I unplugged the cable from the TV, unscrewed the internet modem, closed the laptops and hid them in the closet, I even unplugged the coffee pot and put it under the sink. Then,  matter-of-factly declared this week  No Technology Week! I felt like I had to win – at something and I didn’t care what.

My son, Jaren, who was watching said TV didn’t even flinch.  He quietly got up to make a ham sandwich and waited for the storm to pass.   My husband was sitting back on the couch smirking at me which only fueled the fire.  We exchanged sarcastic unpleasantries for 20 minutes- each of us trying to one-up the other. I wanted to win that too!

It was exhausting- or I was exhausted, either way I was going to win.

Ever feel like this?

So I decided to do laundry- the PMS way.  I stormed around the house gathering the laundry from each room- and with my arms flailing ,  threw them in the basket,  slammed the detergent on top (because it feels good to hurt inanimate objects when you’re mad) and headed to the laundromat.  Maybe watching the dryers go round and round would calm me down.  It was worth a try.

I slammed the car door, cranked up my Bon Jovi CD  and loudly sand along- “It’s My Life, It’s Now Or Never…”  that felt good.

I sat at the laundromat texting to my friends- laughing at their empathetic replies to my breakdown.  My friend Diane text-  “I threw my toaster out the back door once because my husband was complaining about the burnt toast I served him for breakfast.”  My reply, “You made him breakfast?!”  –Almost all of my girlfriends have stories of temporary insanity due to PMS.  I felt validated.  My technology ban wasn’t that bad, was it?  I was about to find out.

By the time I arrived  home, I felt better, but could tell that my husband and son did not.  As I walked passed them, I felt their icy cold stares on the back of my neck.

I decided it would be best to take a nap.  After a few hours of sleeping, I awoke to the smell of chicken- unprocessed chicken, and the toilet paper was indeed on the roll.

The next wave of PMS hit me.  Sadness and guilt.  But then a thought came to me-  In my lifetime, I’ve suffered through PMS 1,630 days of  324 weeks in 27 years.  If they don’t know what to expect by now, I can’t explain it to them.

My fellow blogger Nicki knows just what I mean.  Click to see Nicki break it down for you!

My Beautiful Self

Inspiration often comes from unexpected places.  Lately I’ve been feeling extra sassy and wanted to capture those feelings through photographs.  I was inspired to have some beautiful pictures of of myself taken. I began to think about what was ‘beautiful’ was to me.  When I run I feel most beautiful but that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.  So I grabbed a pen and notebook and came up with a list of great ideas for a photo shoot.  I knew exactly what I wanted to portray but wasn’t sure anyone could photograph my feelings.  I also knew I couldn’t take them myself- so I  employed my husband’s help. 

I went to him with my list of ideas and explained my epiphany.   He was reluctant at first. – This is understandable due to the fact that on several other occasions for which I asked his help, I always ended up taking complete control of the situation and completing the project myself.  So I understood his hesitation when I asked him to take my sexy pictures.  I listened to his concerns-.  When he finished, I promised that this time would be different– that I would not take over the project and I’d give him full artistic control.  With big, wide eyes and a smile on my face, I affirmed that I completely trusted him to get the shots I envisioned. 

I tried very hard to believe the words that were coming out of my mouth, but really, I couldn’t.  I wanted to trust him with my camera, but I didn’t.  But, I also knew that I had zero choice but to surrender my camera to my husband and hope for the best.   He finally agreed.

With camera in hand he slowly followed me into the room.  I hurriedly slipped into something that made me feel pretty.  A quick check of my hair in the mirror and then I positioned myself up against the wall in what I thought was a sexy pose. The look on his face told me otherwise.  So we laughed at my forced attempt to be alluring and mysterious and I moved around a bit and repositioned myself .  He snapped the first picture.  I asked to see it immediately.  He quickly told me no and that I’d have to wait until we were finished.  I knew he was right.  I let out a sigh and kept going.

We shot pictures in every room of the house in accordance with my notes.  Periodically, he’d look up from the camera and say something like “What kind of face is that?!”   I asked him what it looked like- he attempted to recreate my expression.  I started laughing so hard that I didn’t even notice he was snapping away- those are some of my favorite photos.

After I regained my composure, I began to just let go and became his muse.  He gave me great direction telling me which way to position my head and which angle looked best.  I had spent the entire afternoon not in control, and I liked it- very much.  I felt confident and beautiful!  However, this has not always been the case.

I’ve had  a love / hate relationship with my body from early on in life.   I think as a woman, I am not alone with this internal struggle.  We stand naked in the mirror and see our lives lived.  The imperfections that come with childbirth, age and bad decisions tell our stories.   Lately, when I look in the mirror I’m reminded that I’m not 21 anymore and- that’s a good thing.

At 21 I was insecure and spent way too much time focusing on my visible flaws. I was careful not to offend anyone with my opinions and often held back my enthusiasm.   Now, 19 years later I’ve slowly created my authentic self.   Now, my enthusiasm shows in everything I do. Being who I have always been rather than going through my life pursuing an idea of  the person I thought I was supposed to be is a far better way to live.  I accept my flaws both intrinsic and extrinsic.  I genuinely like myself and that is a world away from the girl I was at 21. –

I realize that I’m not going to live forever.  I remember the days of my youth when I thought I would.  If  you wait until you’ve reached your ideal weight, or until you tighten up your butt just a little more, you won’t ever do it.  We are young now- we are beautiful now- we are alive now!  Sometimes, we need to remember why God gave us beauty and just go with it.  I truly encourage all women to take time out this week, slip into something more comfortable- or nothing at all- and have your lovey snap some photos of the sensuous woman you are right now.

My Beautiful Pictures are the outward expression of my inward emotions.   They remind me to always be true to my convictions- to keep living a passionate life of self-discovery and to keep focusing on the good parts.  That’s the only way I’m ever going to live my life.