Coffee is for Closers! The Cost of Having a High Moral Compass in the Timeshare Business

Now, I’m not here to knock  the timeshare industry.  I know that some of the more reputable companies provide a great service for frequent vacationers.  Having access to unique destinations is well worth the travel fees if you love to explore our beautiful planet.   My son, Jaren, loves his job in  Timeshare sales.  He calls me often to tell me about the awesome families he gets to spend his day with, touring the property and how   he does, indeed, save them money on vacationing.  He also brags about his fellow co-salespeople and how much he believes in his company’s product- which is key.  Having a strong conviction about your life’s work is at the top of the list to creating your Dreamlife.

Having a high moral compass is a precious gift passed onto you by all the people who’ve raised you and befriended you in your For lifetime.

This is his 2nd resort company in the business.   In his last company, he witnessed blatantly unethical practices by managers and coworkers alike and it made him feel guilty and just plain bad about what he was selling and how he was told to sell it.   That’s called having a high moral compass.  I’m proud to say he’s since moved on to a more respected hotel chain in the world and it has made a positive difference in his day-to-day life.


For Jaren & Zach

compassHaving a high moral compass is a precious gift passed onto you by the people who’ve raised you and befriended you in your lifetime, the ones who took time to lift you up when you were heart-broken, the ones that forgave you when you asked to be forgiven, the people who lived morally, by example, every day because they knew you were watching,  people who prayed with you- and for you, got angry at you when they saw you straying from your true self, these are the people to whom you owe your life- the life you spend helping others, repeating words of wisdom that were spoken to you and passing on what you were incredibly fortunate enough see and learn by the best people you’ll ever know. You are a compilation of everyone who’s ever loved you, showed you any kindness, mercy or forgiveness. It is your God-given duty to pass this legacy forward to humanity every single day of your precious life.


Your Last 24 Hours Experiment

Sit still for 24 whole hours- not moving and staring at a wall. I bet that was the longest day of your life, huh?

Now imagine finding out that you will be gone forever in 24 hours.

Time couldn’t slow down enough. Would you spend your whole time being sad, crying and in denial OR in desperation trying to do the things that you always talk about- but never get around to doing?

Your Last 24 Hours Experiment

In either scenario- 24 hours will pass. That is certain.

Are you making excuses for why you won’t do something? I can’t do that because I’ll already be 40 next year.  Well, guess what? You’re going to be 40 next year if you do it or if you don’t.

Or, I can’t move to my dream-place because I have to save more money.  You know what? There is currency in your dream-place too.

The last 24 will come my friend.  Will you be fulfilled and excited by the life you chose to live or gut-wrenchingly disappointed in yourself that you settled?   Remember,  you won’t be able to turn the hour glass over when your time runs out.

This video may be the best six minutes you ever spend on the internet.

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